Paphos is a beautiful coastal city located in one of the most unique Mediterranean countries – Cyprus. Paphos is well known for it’s spectacular ancient remains and astonishing nature, it was also selected as a European Capital of Culture of 2017, which already says quite a lot.

How to get to Paphos? Paphos has the second largest airport in the whole country. But you can also arrive to the capital of Cyprus (Nicosia), or Larnaca, which are two large cities with big airports, and then take a bus/rent a car/or take a train to Paphos.

Here is a list of top attractions to do in Paphos (and around it):

  • Troodos and Kykkos Day Tour from Paphos, a tour to see and enjoy the nature, the scenery, and the highest mountain of Cyprus, Troodos.
  • Authentic Cyprus Historic Day Tour from Paphos, experience the Cyprus traditions here!
  • Full-day Famagusta, Varosha, and Salamis Tour from Paphos, you will visit the monastery of St. Varnavas, ancient kingdom of Salamis and the city of Famagusta.
  • Nicosia Full Day Shopping Tour from Paphos, a popular shopping tour to Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. Experience the history and culture of Nicosia through this tour!
  • Day Trip: Limassol and Kourion from Paphos, a day trip to visit the second largest city on the island.
  • Half Day BBQ Lunch Cruise from Paphos, the cruise will depart from Paphos’ harbor and sail towards the beautiful Scenic Bay. BBQ will be served!
  • Day Trip by Mini Bus to Akamas From Paphos, a day trip to Akamas.
  • Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark, something not to miss out. You, and your kids and family will absolutely love this waterpark.
  • Pafos Zoo, something definitely to visit, amazing for families and a very huge zoo with lovely animals.
  • Discover Snorkeling, enjoy snorkeling in Paphos.
  • Bubblemaker course, best for kids aged 8-10 years.
  • Kato Paphos Archaeological Park, a lot of prehistoric ruins and mosaics to look at, as well as nature scenery.
  • Paphos Harbour and Port, worthy visiting to have a walk and enjoy the views.
  • Tombs of the Kings, something similar to the archeological park I already mentioned. Enjoy the nature, have a walk and see the ruins of the tombs.
  • Horse Riding Paphos – Eagle Mountain Ranch. Horse ride while enjoying Cypriot countryside scenery.
  • Agios Neophytos Monastery, an ancient sight worth of visiting.
  • Jolly Roger Boat Cruise from Paphos, imagine yourself as a pirate sailing along the Paphos coast, lots of family, and pirate-themed activities.
  • Sea Caves. Enjoy the views on the sea, sea caves and also a shipwreck.

One day trip:

  1. You can visit the Paphos Aphrodite’s Waterpark together with your family.
  2. You can also visit the Paphos Zoo if you want.
  3. Maybe horse riding, depends on how much free time you have.
  4. And then, in the evening, take a walk around the Paphos’ harbor, enjoy the sea views and maybe eat in one of their restaurants or cafes.

Two day trip:

First day (above)

Second day:

  1. You can visit one of the activities that you weren’t able to visit on the first day (for example, the horse riding activity).
  2. You can also visit the Kato Paphos Archeological park of the tombs of the Kings, which you and your family will enjoy a lot.
  3. You can also visit the Jolly Roger Boat Cruise, with pirate themed family activities and lots of fun.
  4. You can then, in the evening, go to one of the Paphos’ restaurants which serve traditional Cyprus food, to taste the culture and the traditions of the country.

Three day trip:

First day (above)

Second day (above)

Third day:

  1. Again, you can visit one of the activities or attractions you haven’t visited the previous days.
  2. You can also go on a half-day BBQ cruise around the Paphos coast, and enjoy the sea trip along with a BBQ lunch or dinner.
  3. Or you can also visit the Sea Caves, located close to Paphos, and enjoy the beautiful caves, sea scenery and views on a ship wreck.
  4. You can visit a Greek restaurant in the evening, to taste another culture.

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